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What differences of Laser welding and tig welding?

Laser welding and tig welding are two different welding processes.

They have some differences in welding principles, application fields and advantages.

Welding principle:

Laser welding: Uses a high-energy laser beam to locally heat the surface of the workpiece to the melting point or even vaporize, and perform welding through heat conduction or melt mixing.

Tig welding: Utilizes the high temperature generated by the arc for welding. During the welding process, protective gases such as argon are introduced into the arc welding area to prevent the molten pool from being oxidized by air.

Application areas:

Laser welding: Mainly used for welding precision parts, such as electronic devices, medical equipment, eyeglass frames, etc.

Tig welding: Mainly used in the welding of metal materials, especially the welding of large structural parts such as steel and stainless steel, such as automobile manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, etc.

Advantage analysis:

Advantages of laser welding:


High precision: The laser beam is compact and capable of welding at the micron level, suitable for welding precision parts.

No contact: No need to touch the workpiece surface during welding, avoiding contamination and deformation caused by physical contact.

Small heat input: Laser welding has a small heat-affected area and has little impact on thermal deformation and discoloration of the workpiece. 

High degree of automation: It can be used in conjunction with robots and other equipment to realize automated production lines.

Advantages of tig welding:


Wide applicability: It can weld various metal materials, covering a wide range of applications.

Fast welding speed: Argon arc welding speed is fast and suitable for welding of large structural parts. High welding strength: Argon arc welding joints have high strength and good weld quality.

Lower cost: TIG welding machines are relatively low-priced and easy to operate and maintain.

To sum up, laser welding machines are suitable for precision parts that require high-precision and contactless welding, while argon arc welding machines are suitable for welding large structural parts.

The choice of which welding process to use should be based on the needs of the specific application.


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