Price Suntime always quoted based on reasonable profit with stable quotation level, we always try to offer the best price and we'll re-check customers drawings and specifications to do our best to meet customers budget and provide different solutions for customer checking.

Service No matter for prototyping and precision components machining experience, Suntime starts business from mold making, so our components machining for every mold components will be also a strength, I believe our full expereince on machining can support your expanding.

Quality assurance we meet customers's requirements and try the best to exceed by learning and full understanding of customers' specification&standard before starting. Weekly report with pictures or vedio with weekly report and dimention report with pictures before shipping.

On Time Delivery 99% of our customers would say we always on time, if urgent, we will provide expedited solutions, Until now, no customers complaint our lead time,we believe we can keep it due to our flexibler management, that's also one of our biggest advantages.

Suntime factory building and some of our team members


Suntime workshop


 Suntime projects


Working moment

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Suntime Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Contact:Rachel Huang

Mobile:+86 13433049023

Add:1st Floor, Building B, Xinsha industrial park, NO2, Yucheng street, Shatou Community,Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong of China, 523861

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