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What is the difference of processing between CNC machining parts processing and mold making?

CNC parts processing and mold making processing are two different processing methods, and they have some differences in terms of goals, application fields, and processing processes. The following is a detailed description of the difference between CNC parts processing and mold processing:



The goal of CNC parts machining is to manufacture various parts or components for assembly into final products. These parts can be mechanical parts, electronic components, automotive parts, etc., to meet specific functional requirements.

The goal of mold making processing is to make molds for the production of other products. A mold is a tool used to manufacture products, usually made of metal materials, and is used in processes such as plastic injection molding, die casting, and stamping.

Application fields:

CNC parts processing is widely used in various industries, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, electronic equipment, etc. It is suitable for manufacturing parts of various complex shapes, including precision parts and large structural parts.

Mold processing is mainly used in manufacturing industries, such as plastic products, auto parts, home appliances, etc. It is used to produce high-volume products that require highly accurate dimensions and surface quality.


CNC parts processing usually includes milling, turning, drilling, cutting and other operations. According to the requirements of the part, different types of tools and processing methods can be used for processing.

Mold processing mainly involves milling, EDM, wire cutting and other processes. Mold processing usually requires higher precision and surface quality, so more delicate processing methods are required.

Design requirements:

The design requirements of CNC parts processing mainly focus on the function and size of the parts to meet the needs of the product. Designers need to consider factors such as material selection, structural design and processing technology.

The design requirements for mold processing mainly focus on the shape and size of the mold to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product. Designers need to consider factors such as the structure of the product, injection molding or die-casting process.

To sum up, CNC parts processing and mold processing are two different processing methods, and there are some differences in their goals, application fields, processing processes and design requirements. Knowing these differences can help you choose the right processing method for your application and meet your specific production needs.

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