Material: Experience with different materials for custom components with stainless steel , aluminum, brass, steel, alloys and plastics etc.

Projects Related:

Provide demention report,weekely report, parts pictures or vedios

Software : AutoCAD CAE, UG,Solidworks, ect,.

File format: Dwg,Dxf,Edrw,Step, Igs,X_T

Normal standard : DME, HASCO,LKM…

One to one with good technical and sales communication in English.


Project management:



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Suntime Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Contact:Rachel Huang

Mobile:+86 13433049023

Add:1st Floor, Building B, Xinsha industrial park, NO2, Yucheng street, Shatou Community,Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong of China, 523861

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