Unscrewing mold core

Name: Custom mold core
Material: Steel
Exported market: Europe

Suntime support precision machined custom mold bases ,plates and inserts with lengths up to 1080mm, rough milling and machining complex part shapes into mold plates. We are familar for different mold standard for global customers like DME, Hasco, Meusburger, LKM etc, Suntime also exported whole molds to customers for different industry, 40% for automotive, believe our experience can support if any possibly chance.


                            SPM High Quality Customized Precision Machining
ServiceCNC Milling,CNC Turning, Wire Cutting, Drilling, Grinding, Laser Cutting, Bending, Stamping, tool making, 3D Prototyping, Urethane casting etc
MaterialsPlastic: ABS, Acrylic(PMMA),  Delrin, HDPE,Nylon, PEEK,PET,Polycarbonate, Torlon, PPS etc
Metal: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze,Stainless steel,Magnesium alloy, Steel, Titanium, Zinc etc
Other material: graphite etc
Surface TreatmentAnodize, Bead blasted, Plastic and metal Plating, Printing, Painting,Silk Screen, Laser/Etch/Engrave,Passivation, Knurl etc.
Surface RoughnessMin Ra0.1~3.2μm
Drawing AcceptedStp, Step, Igs, Xt, AutoCAD(DXF, DWG), PDF, or Samples
Lead Time1-2 weeks for samples, 3-4 weeks for mass production
Quality AssuranceISO9001:2015,SGS, ROHS

SPM have much experience for mold components and mold making for auto unscrewing structure and also collapsible cores.

Unscrewing structure.gif 1.jpg

Other machining mold core and plate.jpgInspection.jpg

    Mold components machining by CMM,  Our CMM machine can measure the tolerence+/-0.002mm.

Machining components inspection_副本.jpg

Ordering process.jpg

  Ordering process.jpg


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