Machining collapsible cores

Name: Machining collapsible cores
Material: Steel
Standard: Europe

Basic Principles of the Slider

Collapsible core is a mold release solution that suitable for injection part with long thread, undercut, boss,groove etc regular or irregular structure, it’s a good solution to save the injection cycle time and improve the production efficiency.

Custom various collapsible cores

3 petal collapsible cores

6 petal collapsible cores

8 petal collapsible cores are all available.

What kind of service can suntime provided?

Our services.jpgMold core pictures.jpgPacking and shipping.jpg

Why sources mold components from China?

1, With several decate exporting experience, China have already had developed and completed production line to support you easily find whole supplier chain here.

2,Chinese labor cost is lower and with rich experience for exporting parts, the qualtiy will be  more stably.

3, Eventhough the shipping time is long, however the machining time will shorter as many of Chinese company can support machine running 24/7. 

In summarized, China can provide a mature service with competitive price and fast lead time, you can order components and assembly in your factory to expanding your production line without purchasing new machine.


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